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I am in the process of installing a BI/BO toploader RUG AU for my 1971 Torino.
The engine will be a stock 1973 DIVE block with D_VE heads (no mods currently).

I do plan to upgrade the engine to a stroked (521) DOVE 4 bolt main deal in a year or two.
I want to hopefully be able to use these parts selections now and in the future.

The following are the parts I have.
RUG AU CR Toploader
Hurst competition plus shifter and installation kit.
Stock pedals assembly from a 1971 Torino

This is what I still need to buy
Modern Driveline hydraulic master clutch kit MD-910-0042
RAM 88883 12" long style clutch with organic disc.
QuickTime 460 RM 8011SFI bell-housing.
McCleod racing 463222 176 teeth 30# internal balanced flywheel.

Anyone have any thoughts pro or con on my proposed choices?

Any advice on starters or throw out bearing?

Anything else I am missing or have not though of?

Also, I have the 31 spline yoke for the toploader. Can I change the front drive shaft yoke and everything will line up / size up?
The drive shaft was mated to a C4. Is that drive shaft of sufficient strength?

The rear is a 9" with 3.70 ratio.

These parts are very expensive. I don't mind paying the money for them, but I don't want to make any mistakes.

Anyone make this swap before and can offer guidance?


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Since this combo was basically an option in 71,everything for a bolt on install was originally made and no doubt these parts are out there somewhere.
First,is this a high HP drag race thing or a street car?
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