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Hey gang,

This is my first post here on 460ford so please feel free to coach me as to whether or not I posted this in the right place or made any other forum etiquette errors.

My truck is a 1997 F250HD with a brand new (reman) Ford 460 long block. I bought the engine in May 2019 while I was doing a frame-off restoration. To make a very long story short, my new engine was running very rough after only about 150 miles or roughly 3 hours of run time. I finally found the culprit, a broken valve spring on the intake valve of the number 5 cylinder.

I contacted Ford about taking care of this as part of the engine’s warranty and they informed me that valves, valve springs, rockers, pushrods and heads have all been DISCONTINUED at Ford and it will be a very long and complex process of proving and reimbursing rather than them fixing the issue.

...SO, in the interest of having my truck back on the road sometime this century, I’ve decided to just replace the one broken spring with an aftermarket replacement for the immediate future. BUT I would really like to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, so my question is:

Can any of you fellow 460 enthusiasts recommend nice, beefy, 2-piece, aftermarket valve springs that will work with a BONE STOCK engine and camshaft? I’ve looked for quite a while on this and other forums and all I can find are suggestions for valve springs to suit updated cams.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.

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