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**We are going to be relocating to Nashville this month, will open the thread back up when we are situated and I can get to it. Sorry!**
I have a short block that I completed which has been sitting in my garage for a few years. I haven't had time to finish it and won't in the near future. I am an extremely thorough and careful but very slow amateur with engines, so just don't have time between work and kids and an upcoming move.

Block originally from 1973 Lincoln.
Complete from top of short block to oil pan.
Had engine shop clean, bore 0.030 over and zero deck.
Lunati 10340101 cam (with matching lifters in box)
Double Roller Timing Set
"Fuellie" Pistons (+7) on stock rods
New water pump
New oil pump and rear sump pan and dipstick
New timing cover
Sitting on engine stand, which I'll include. Turns over with the appropriate torque, and I've oiled it and turned it over regularly.

Have a set of D3ve heads, no cracks, cleaned.
Started to port, never finished.
Stock springs and valves included, I think life is left in both.

Intake: Edelbrock Performer (non-RPM) included

New (still bagged) Matched 460 HEI Distributor from Carlsbycarl

Holley 3310-4 (works, has been sitting so could use a clean or rebuild)

Holley Air Cleaner

New 3G Alternator from RJM Injection Tech
1x Pulley Spacer
1x Pulley - Dual V-Belt
1x 7″ Pivot 160Amp 3G - 4:00
1x Alternator Charge Cable Kit
1x 3G Alternator Harness

L&L 030495 Engine Mounts

I have several cans of the engine paint I used, and various exhaust and other parts, like a rebuild kit for a C6, the valve covers. Ask and I probably have it and will throw it in.

Picture: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AuxAUkMTWUmoi1XvXHGo6hdIsJTv

Currently located in Knoxville, and you'll need to pick it up there, but I can help you load.
I would strongly prefer not to part it out.

I'm looking for $1200 firm, or will ship at cost.

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Just heads. Finish the D3ves I'm including or scrap them and add your own. To the best of my knowledge everything else is there. I don't mind setting up a video chat between an interested buyer and the engine/parts to answer specific questions.
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