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466 for sale

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I have decided to build a 521 stroker to replace this short block.

I want to get in the low 10s at Bandimere. The car was originally going to be a street car with some track use now it will be a strip car but street legal to meet the King street rules.

Here are the details:

D1VE-A2b block 30 over. All machine work was done by Phil Gunn in Denver CO.
Block was decked bored and honed for the Speed Pro ZL2404F pistons (this is the issue, not enough compression):(
Stock rods with new ARP bolts.
Stock crank that polished.
Clevlite 77 bearings.
Assembly was internally balanced by Colorado Crankshaft.
The main caps have new ARP bolts installed.
The camsaft is a Edelbrock 7167 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Cam and Lifter Kits
I also have the matching Edelbrock timing chain.
The engine is new and has not been fired, it has been primed and had 70 Lbs oil pressure.

I have included a picture of the complete engine. ONLY the Short block and listed parts are for sale.
I also have the proper springs for this camshaft if desired.
The engine is in Denver Co.

Asking $2200 plus the ride.

I have over 2500 invested


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What heads, intake and carb were you planning on running on this motor? I'm asumming you built it with a hp/tq rating in mind or copied a known build. What were the expected hp and tq ratings

I have a set of the Blue Thunder Heads with the raised Exhaust ports. they have 68 cc chambers, a ported Torker II manifold. The Carb is a Demon 850 E-85.

The 466 was built for 550 HP but it is not enough to make the car go as fast as I want. I need 750 to 800.

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This is or best offer.

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