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This was in one of our mud racing trucks. Built it early part of '09. Probably has 25-30 passes on it. Track lengths were between 75-125ft.
It made a little over 550hp @5800 and 560ftlbs @4500. This was with a hydraulic flat tappet cam that would pull 18 inches of vacuum.
A better cam and larger carb should easily put it over 600hp.
I will sell the short block and some of the other parts separate. $3k for everything.

'69 block bored .060, align honed and square decked
Balanced rotating assembly
Main studs
stock crank, std/std
H-beam rods
Speed Pro forged dome pistons
File to fit rings. Gap for naturally aspirated
Ford Motorsport hv oil pump
Stock rear sump pan
Aluminum water pump
Comp Cams hydraulic cam, High Tech lifters, and hardened push rods
Cloyes double roller timing set
ARP head studs
Ported DOVE-C heads. I have the flow numbers for them. Larger 2.19 intake valves, 7/16 studs, poly locks and guide plates.
Comp Cams dual valve springs. Will work with some solid lift cams.
Titanium retainers and 10* locks.
Modified bolt down rocker arms to make them adjustable. The rules didn't allow us to use roller rockers.
Cometic MLS head gaskets.
Port o Sonic single plane intake for 4150 carb. Matched to heads.
MSD pro billet distributor and Accel 300+ wires.
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