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Well, it's been tough to choose, but with all the projects and sport bikes, something has to go.

It,s a d3ve headed combo, complete from intake to pan, here it is:

Heads cc'd in at 90cc
Ported exhaust side, cleaned up intake side
2.24 intake valves 1.76 exhaust Milodon back cut valves
Comp cams s.s. pro magnum roller rockers
Comp Titainium retainers
Comp 1.65 double valve springs with dampeners
Manley pushrods
Ford Motorsports guide plates
Solid roller Comp extreme energy cam xr274r-10 236/242 .650/.657 lift xr274r-10
Comp solid roller lifters
Double roller timing chain
New timing cover

10.4 to 1 compression
Block is squared and zero decked to piston height
S.R.P. forged pistons with power seal file fit rings gaped for nitrous
Eagle ESP H-beam rods
Stock crank
Clevite bearings
High volume oil pump
Moroso 7 quart foxbody oil pan with crank scrapper and windage screen

Ford motorsports high rise dual plane intake (Edelbrock performer RPM)
Ford motorsports polished aluminum tall valve covers
edelbrock Victor water pump

A.R.P. head and main studs as well as valve cover studs
Felpro marine engine gasket set

Should make an easy 550 on the motor, and close to 1000 h.p. on the bottle with a single plane intake. If your gonna spray to the motor's real capability, I'd look into a forged crank at some point, but from what I've gathered in my time on this forum the stock crank and block can handle it.

$5,000.00 takes it, or a trade for something maybe a little easier to sell. (979) 451-5646, the link in my sig is this motor. Brenham, TX. 77833


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I also have the motor mounts to put it in a fox, as well as a JW c4 bellhousing along with the correct flywheel and a case fill c4 to go with it.
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