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Like to go but I just can't Derrick what class are you guys going to run?
Taking both trucks? I see the event schedule changed this year for the better!
We used to have to run on Thursday morning. Now they have moved class three (aluminum heads) to friday I believe.
And class 1( Vacuum) and class 2 (iron heads no vacuum) to Sunday.

Are you guys getting in the tough truck!! I bet you would do great in that too. Last year in Indy my camera was at the trailer 1/2 mile away but the tough trucks had a hudge sweeping corner like a 1/2 mile turn 3 and 4 dirt track. Guys were 4x4 drifting around it at about 70mph. some spinning all 4, some just in 2wd. Thank goodness no one caught solid and stop, dropped, and rolled!!

If things work out, we'd sure go. Have a couple guys I know from down here going.

See ya,


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We are debating on taking both trucks or just mine depends on if we get a longer trailer borrowed. If we take Kasey's truck she would run class 1 and I will prob run class 2 and 3. It depends on what the tough truck courses looks like but I will prob enter in that as well (if they let me) and possibly the Mickey T burnout contest:D!

I watched some of the tough truck vids from indy last year that looked like a blast!

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