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Hey Guys,

I have been on the board for a little while. I have really learned a lot from reading and exchanging posts with some of you guys. Anyways I have a wholesale acct with a major 4X4 retailer - actually the biggest one in this country. Right now I am offering to any members access to that. My goal, and as a way to reciprocate, is to make enough sales that they will start to give me better discounts that I can than pass on to you guys. I don't have a website but if you know what you want or better yet have a part number I can get just about anything out their. Right now I am offering to any 460ford members 1% over my cost sale. If you can send me via email or PM - parts you are looking for plus a shipping address. I can get you a price. I can accept payment via paypal or cash works too. If you use a credit card with paypal I will need to add the paypal cost into the total. Let me know if their is anything I can help with.



[email protected]
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