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I have a brand new in the box M-12071-A50 wiring harness for sale. Here is the description. This will work on a Big Block with a production TFI 460 Distribuotr.

Complete Harness from PCM to Injectors! Our technical support staff travels the country to dozens of various events and takes thousands of phone calls every year. One of the most common requests regarding the Electronic Fuel Injection Wiring Harness has come from Performance Enthusiasts requesting a cleaner appearing harness and a simpler method to make connections. YOUR VOICE HAS BEEN HEARD! Ford Racing is committed to customer satisfaction and to meeting the demands and requests of its customers. We have tried to be as thorough as possible in developing a product which will provide you with the cleanest and simplest wiring harness on the market. Some of the many new features of the MultiPort EFI Wiring Harness include:
Revised for simplified installation; Uses a single connector for all required connections
Kit consists of a single harness with integral connections for injectors and O2 sensors
Fully loomed, from PCM to all sensors and injectors, to save time on installation
Typical installation takes less than 1 hour
Direct fit on 1986-1993 302 H.O. engines
Can be easily adapted to many other Ford V8 pushrod engines
Requires PCM (not included) from 1989-1993 Mustang 5.0L H.O.
Compatible with engines using both H.O. and non-H.O. firing orders
Provisions for electric fan control output
Kit includes compact fuse and relay box, "Check Engine" light, and all necessary grommets


$420.00 shipped in the States

Thanks for looking.
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