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501 flat tappet cam how much horse power .

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ok i have a camshaft sitting here i am thinking of putting in my 501 i will attach a picture of camcard and see what you guys think
engine is 10.3:1 iron heads d20e the cam i had in engine was a m6250 a514 solid roller int 254 exh 258 .647 lift 112 lsa
the cam i am going to put in is attchaed picture if you guys try to guess hp differance
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^^^This. No way in hell I'd swap out a roller for a flat tappet these days, especially on something with health spring pressure.

But if you want to know how much hp you're going to make, you should post more details -- what carb, what intake, are heads ported, what size headers.
10.3:1 comp
d2ae-a heads ported
4.14 stroke
4.39 bore
850cfm holley
vistor intake
2 1/4 header 3" full exhaust
locked dizzy with a ms6 control
problem is old cam the "roller "ate a lifter" and went through the engine
hence why i am asking on flat tappet
At best with stock heads and the new cam and closed exh , 560 hp.
thats not terrible for a streetish motor ..what you think about useing boost on this specific camshaft as i have plans to twin turbo this combo this winter?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts