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0 Decked, line honed, honed with torque plates
Balanced crank
SRP Pistons
Mahle rings
Scat 6.700 BBC rods
Mellings High Volume oil pump
ARP oil pump shaft
SFI dampner
SFI Flexplate
Moroso oil pan
Erson solid lift cam .592/.621 lifts 244/254 @.050 duration
TMD pressure fed lifters
Cloyes Hex Adjust timing set
Comp Cams Roller block protector
MSD Dist with bronze gear
ARP Engine bolt kit
Trend .080 wall 3/8s pushrods
Stock waterpump, stock started, stock altenator
Polished Alum valve covers
March serpentine belt conversion
Weiand Stealth Intake
C9VE heads milled to 72 cc's (10:1 compression)
Competition valve job
Bronze guides
Machined for screw in studs and guideplates
Spring pockets cut
Ferrea stainless 2.250 intake/1.76 exhaust valves
Full chamber and intake porting with exhaust bowl work
Comp Cams Springs, Retainers and locks
TMD head studs
1.73 Roller rocker arms
Autolite 45 sparkplugs
Fram PH8A oil filter

The engine is new never fired, all you need is a carb and sparkplug wires.
I'll also throw in a matching PTC torque converter.
I've got over $7500 invetsed in parts and labor, I'll take $6500 for it.
I have several pics as well.
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