502" BBF Carb to Pan

DOVE-A block (with the Boss 429 bulkheads)
Offset ground early crankshaft - 4.15" stroke / 2.20" journals
Crower connecting rods 6.535"
Venolia custom pistons 12.6:1 CR with 75cc chamber
Canton T style road race oil pan
Ford Motorsports A429 cylinder heads - ported at AMS (flow figures available if wanted)
Ferrea Competition Plus valves 2.19/1.76
Victor intake ported (flow with intake manifold attached if wanted)
1100 cfm Pro-Systems carb
MSD billet distributor
Comp cams solid roller camshaft FF2235R / 1962R 111LSA 278/290 @ 0.050" 0.454"/0.450" lobe lift (2015 installation)(Lem Evans Camshaft)
Spare Crane solid roller cam R-276/4334-2S-10 110 LSA 276/286 @ 0.050" 0.4334"/0.427" lobe lift
Crower HIPPO solid roller lifters - replaced non pressure fed crower lifters in 2015 - and new CC solid roller cam installed
PSI 1224 valve springs (2021 installed)
Spare Manley 221424-16 springs (all check good on pressure test)
Manley Ti retainers
T&D shaft rockers 1.75:1
Manton pushrods
Edelbrock water pump
LSM valve spring removal tool (for use with T&D rockers)

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