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502 p-51 motor

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This is a scat rotating assembly with cast crank, i-beam cap screw rods & srp piston cut for standard & scj releifs,balanced by holbrook.Has comp flat tappet with edm lifters,miloden fox pan.Top half is kasse p-51 heads,crane blue rockers,victor intake.The motor is in good shape & in car.Asking $3999 Contact jeff 1-734-770-8745 I want to sell this asap so make offer.Located in s/e michigan pick-up only.
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what cr? dished pistons? hp guess? what does it run in the car? the more info the faster the sale.

This is a flat top piston ,12/1 comp,roughly 650hp,best pass 9.79 137 in a fox with p/g &373 gears.
Hello, Are you selling this as a turn key motor? Also can you tell me how old this build is and how it has spent its life? ie: drag car, street strip, street.
How many hours would you estimate the motor has on it and did you build/assemble it I'm located in the Chicago area

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