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What you will receive cost $4800 to build plus taxes. Someone can make a very smart buy here. We will sell less pan and pickup if they won't work for your application. We prefer to have the engine picked up if possible.

Less than forty 1/4 mile passes on it since freshened last winter. About 150 runs total. In our 2000 lb car it ran 8.31 @ 160MPH shifting at 5800 - 6000 and through the traps at 6400 with TFS CJ heads and a 1000HP carb.

A list of included components:
ARP main bearing stud kit
ARP balancer bolt
Clevite 77 main and rod bearings
Crane roller cam, .736I .724E lift 290/298 duration
Rollmaster billet true roller timing set machined for roller thrust bearing
Fluidamper harmonic balancer
Ford offset ground crank, 4.18" stroke.
Ford D1VE .030 over block, prepped by quality shop.
FRPP CM Oil pump drive shaft
FRPP roller cam thrust bearing
Melling HV oil pump
Moroso 20625 Eliminator pan for 79-95 Mustang
Moroso oil pump pickup
Oliver billet connecting rods
Speed Pro file fit rings
SRP 150727 +3cc forged flat top pistons

Full assembly specs/part numbers available on request.

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