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514 Crate engine for sale.

This 514 is a unique design that uses 100% American made parts. The engine is designed to be a durable, low compression, low rpm torque monster. Perfect for towing, 4x4, off road, customs, and hot rods.

Compare this engine to any other 460 based crate engine available. You will not find a dyno tested and proven stroker for less. We are making more torque at a lower RPM than anything available, running on regular unleaded gasoline.

For a hotrod, the power produced by this engine will propel a 3500 pound car into the 11's, or a 2500 pound car into the 10's.

For a tow rig, this engine produces more torque than a diesel with a power band of off idle to 5000rpm. Forget about that new Powerstroke, install this engine in a classic Ford and haul your race car in style.

As you can see in the photos, this engine was dyno'd with a setup typical to what I would expect to actually see in a vehicle. 750cfm carb, 1" open spacer, Crane XRi points conversion ignition, 1-3/4" Dynomax truck headers, 3" exhaust, 3" Hooker Aerochamber mufflers, and the water pump running off of factory pulleys.

We had one pull that showed 581 lb/ft at 2900 rpm, but we didn't print it. I suspect peak torque is greater, at a lower rpm. The idle has a slight lope with more than enough vacuum to operate power brakes. We measured 12.5 inches at our elevation of 6000ft, which means vacuum should be greater than 14 inches at sea level. We probably could have also gotten more top end power from the engine if we had a carb capable of leaning out the top end, but I feel these figures demonstrate a typical setup that will be seen on the street.

-573 lb/ft of torque at 3000 rpm.
-453 HP at 4700 rpm.
-100% American made parts
-Displacement measures an actual 514 cubic inches
-Crank, rods, and block proven to handle 700+HP
-Pistons have been proven to handle 650+HP
-Overbore kept to a minimum for maximum durabilty
-Pistons zero decked for better efficiancy and octane tolerance
-Hydrualic flat tappet for greater durability than roller cams
-Break-in complete
-Dyno tested and proven
-Compatible with regular unleaded gas, 85/87 octane
-All critical clearances verified and documented

-Offset ground nodular iron factory crank, internal balance
-New rod, main, and cam bearings
-New freeze plugs
-Block and heads cleaned in a hot tank, and checked
-Forged 4340 steel I-Beam rods with ARP bolts, and press fit pins
-Kieth Black hyperutectic pistons with ring gaps set to KB specs
-High volume Melling oil pump
-Hydrualic flat tappet cam
-Cloyes double roller timing chain
-Roller rockers
-Ported iron heads with hardened exhaust seats and full valve job.
-New valve springs, retainers, and locks matched to the cam.
-Edelbrock Performer intake manifold
-Remanufactured water pump included
-Thermostat housing with 160 degree stat included
-Motorcraft oil filter included
-Autolite spark plugs included
-Factory balancer included
-Stainless steel bolts for all external accessories (intake, valve cover, timing cover, oil pan, etc.)

All for the low price of $4500.00
-Complete turnkey available, starting at $500.00 additional
-Will ship to the USA and Canada at the buyer's expense, $150-$500 in most cases
-Will personally deliver within a 150 mile radius for $.50/mile


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Thats a nice motor that has alot of uses......make a good motor for any kind of heavy vehicle and would be awful quick in a Fox street car...if you could get it to hook up.....lol......run on pump gas...and last forever....good price......hails...D

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No sale on ebay. The engine is still available, in the crate and ready to ship.

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This engine is sold, but duplicates will remain available with a 30 day delivery time.
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