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A couple of years ago I built a 521 for a customer. The engine is built using a Scat 4.300 stroke crank(internally balanced), Scat 6.800 H beam rods and Probe dish pistons. It has a set of Scott Johnston ported DOVE-C heads, Comp XR 284 street roller cam, Yella Terra rockers, Canton oil pan and a custom built 950HP by Competition Carburetion(same as his typical package except for using an 850 baseplate so that it has a PCV connection).

Also included is a good C6 built by M&M transmissions with a 4500 stall converter. This trans was bought in good working order from Wes Littrell and it includes the shifter.

The only running time on the engine was on my dyno where it made 600 horsepower at 6000rpm running on 93 octane fuel. It's a good solid build that will be excellent for the street. The customer installed the engine in a 1973 Mustang and then ran out of money before ever completing the project. To my knowledge the engine has never been started since being on the dyno and therefore condition is unknown. From what I've been told is that it's been sitting in the car which was under a car cover. I was also told that when the car was moved recently the freeze plugs were laying on the ground!

His asking price is $7000 for engine and transmission but I think it could be had for MUCH LESS. If 1/2 of that amount wouldn't buy the whole thing I'd be shocked.

I find this whole thing to be incredibly disappointing and I'm annoyed that a nice engine that was quite a bit of work to build and that cost a few bucks would be treated in such a manner. Even if the block turned out to be damaged it could still be a deal for someone.

The owner's name is Gordon and his number is 573 885 0517.

Good luck.
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