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svo block about 4 yrs old with about 40 runs on it from lem
scatt 4.150 4340 crank from adney has been lightened with boss snout
oliver 6.800 rods from lem
dimond custom pistons gas ported small top ring from lem
4.50 bore
danney bee set up from lem
2 set of valve covers 1 is a svo set and also has a tfs sheet metal set
cam is a custom com from lem
[email protected] shaft rockers
7/16 pushrods
crower 904 lifters
weaver dry sump set up
inovaters west dampner
custom alum dry sump pan
motor is all complete except the dry sump needs to be installed i was gonna switch it over to it
have all the stuff but havent done it no time to do it
block and heads have about 40-50 runs on them
crank rods and pistons have about 20
pushrods springs and valve and lifter have about 12 runs on them
motor was done at lines here in wright mn
just freshened up and upgraded last winter and i only ran it about 12 times this yr it is barly broke in

i will also include the carb it is a qft 1250 from lem

motor is all complete and is in my heated shop motor has never seen below 50 deg
it is all together and i have vides of it last ran it made

not shure what to ask but i am open to offers and willing to ship it anywere
i can text pics
feel free to give me a call
i am possibly gettin out of pulling and time to spend more time with the famly


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sorry about spelling my key board is junk i gotta hit some buttons hard
feel free to call or text me anytime for pics or questions
i wanna sell this fast befor i change my mind

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newer tfs heads and intake
cnc ported by shannons here in mn
i dont have flow sheets they were lost but they flowed around 460 cfm at 800 lift int
that is all i can rember they were done right and could proubly be worked a lil better for more
i have dyno sheets call me for more info
i got a few ppl intersted but dont wanna post the numbers at there request at this time
but 1st one with cash takes it i dont hold nothing for anyone unless check is on the way
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