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Hey guys. Been on here awhile but dont post much. Just curious of what you think of my combo match. Ive gotta run cast head and pull 14 in of vacuum @ 900 and run pump gas so this build is a little tricky. Heres my info

.080 stock d1 block with arp studs/zero deck/aligned honed and indexed(building a splayed dove block when money is better) FMS balancer and sfi flywheel/ Kasse oil pump.

Probe flat tops round 13.5 cr/ scat 9000 4.300 crank/scat 6.7 rods with upgraded bolts

DOOE-R heads 2.25/1.76 ss valves ported by me (with Blake Cartwrights advise)in 359 @.600 and ex 181 @.600/ ss rockers and alum girdles/ billet timing set

Bullet custom solid roller/ 253 dur @ .050 .628/.628 lift and 114 LC/ I know, Its way small

4500 Victor ported to match heads/ 1000 cfm holley adapted 4150 flange/w e85 convertion/ 2 in super sucker. CR is close but should be ok

2 1/4 custom headers with 4 in collector w 3 1/2 exhaust

all good ign/ msd 7AL and moded up stock dizzy

Elec water pump

Going in a 3900# truck with c6/ billet servo/ rev manual valve body, brake and 4200 converter. 411 gears and 38 in tires

What do y'all think

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I think that if ole Cartwright had his hands in specing the stuff, it'll run like a race horse.:D I'd think you are gonna fly in the mud.
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