Offering a 532 Ford 460 Stroker Street Strip Kit Bundle. Have a New set of Trick Flow 325 CNC Heads (Bare) that Flow 389 @ .700 Lift and 401 CFM @ .800 lift on Intake and 276 @ .700, 287 @ .800 Exhaust.
I can provide Competition or Street Strip Valve Train at a Competitive Price.

Also included is a New CJ-V Eliminator Intake Manifold. Was told by the guys at Kaase Race Engines the Eliminator Intake makes more Horsepower out of the box than a Fully Ported Mafia Manifold. Notice the Thermostat Neck position on the CJ-V Intake. Now there is more Distributor Room.

Next is a New Molnar Technologies 4.300 Stroker Crankshaft and New Molnar 6.800 Rods with the Ford Big End Offset. The picture I used for the Crankshaft is generic because I have not taken the crankshaft out of the original shipping box.
The New Pistons I have on Hand are New Dish Top Probe Forged .080 over for a 4.440 bore which makes a 532. These Pistons offer 10.55 to 1 compression with the parameters listed below.

Most of these parts are not available. Molnar is out of cranks and rods and their parts are a little better than most others in the same price range. They pay more for Cleaner Better Quality Steel and pay more money for better Quality Machining.
Trick Flow is out of 325 Heads and has no expected availability date.

The only pre used parts I am listing in this Bundle are a Comp Solid Roller Cam, Solid Roller Lifters, Comp Pro Magnum Roller Rockers, and Magnum Push Rods. All in good Condition. The Cam Specs are .726 .726 Lift Advertised Duration 296 304 Duration @ .050 260 268 on 108. I have had the Roller Lifters in Oil Since I got them. I could only post 10 pictures so I could not post Rockers or Push Rods but can send if you call or text me.

I can offer different Cams for whatever your needs may be for additional cost.

I can order any Piston you might need, Diamond, JE, Wiseco, SRP, Mahle, Ross, or Arias. Prices will increase for piston upgrades but still competitive on price. The Probe SRS -22 CC Dish Top Pistons with 78 CC Heads, 4.440 Bore, 4.300 Crank, 4.500 Bore Gasket .040 Thickness, .015 Piston Top to Block Deck shows to make 10.55 to 1 Compression.

If you do some checking, you will see this is a very good price for all the parts plus you can't really make a call and get most of these parts.
Call with any questions. Mike in North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. 704-516-8033 Pick up or can ship.