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Photos later but:

I have a never fired up engine for sale. $7500 plus the ride from Cheyenne WY.

SCJ heads for hydraulic non-roller lifters
Mafia intake
4.5 inch stroker kit with forged flat top pistons KB ICONS
Balanced to 2 grams or better
Completed from oil pan to intake manifold, except does not include a carburator, distributor, rocker arms, pushrods or exhaust manifolds.
TFS black aluminum valve covers
Block was completly gone thru and machine work was very good. The deck was not zero decked but close at .0025".
Compression ratio is about 13.25:1
Camshaft and solid lifters was a custom setup from http://www.camresearchcorp.com/
Specs at home with photos will post later if there is any intrest.
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