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I have a 557 from Coast High Performance. SCJ DOOER heads, ported heads longer ss valves 760 lift solid roller cam 13.5:1 comp front sump 4340 Forged H beams, 4340 forged crank (unsure of brand name of crank and rods, came as a dominator kit from CHP) and forged probe pistons, Mallory distributor, Weiand tunnel ram. Bored stock block with girdle on top and bottom. This engine make about 750 hp. It has gone 10.2 in a 68 mustang 3600lbs with cage and driver. THe engine has new rings and bearings, put it on the stand and covered it. Now building a bigger engine and don't need this as a spare. Only need 1 spare and can't go backwards now.
Needs damper and carbs to run. I have pictures that people wanted to see the stuff inside so i took off the valve covers, intake and oil pan to take pictures. Email me and will send you the pics.
Looking for $5000 over $12000 invested. Killer deal here. Need cash to go big.
I am in Enosburg Vermont
[email protected]
Thanks for looking
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