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You are looking at a CHP (Coast High Performance/Probe) 557 stroker in a production 2 bolt 460 block. This is a used motor with about 50 runs done over 2 years. After removing the engine, I rebuilt the bottom end for good measure, there were no problems and put it on a stand. It is ready to start and be broke in.
This has DOOR super cobra jet iron heads that I ported, .100" longer manley valves, 800 open psi lift 240 psi closed valve springs, 13.5:1 comp. forged 4340 H beam rods, nodular crank and forged pistons. It has a front sump moroso oil pan, high volume oil pump, ARP oil pump drive shaft, crank girdle. Solid roller cam 760 ish lift 284 @.050 ish (have to find the cam card for interested buyer) solid roller lifters, roller rockers from CHP and girdle for the studs on the rocker arms. Wieand Tunnel ram ported to match heads. It has a Mallory unilite disributor with a bronze gear, and taylor wires. To complete this engine you will need the headers, pulleys, 2 carbs and motor mounts.

I removed this engine to go bigger. I am building a 715 stroker and need all the cash i can to build a more powerful engine. There is nothing wrong with this engine and is should make about 750 hp. It went [email protected] in a 3300 lbs mustang.
Thanks for looking
Seller Phone Number: 802 370 2031
Email [email protected]
I am located in Richford, Vt 05476
I have pictures of the engine with the oil pan and valve covers off to see the goodies inside.

Over $12,000 invested with parts, machining and labor.
Great deal for $5000
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