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557 rotating assy SOLD

Alrighty up for sale is the rotating assy from my 557 part out

Crank is SCAT cast 4.5 stroke with 2.2 rod journal sizing
Rods are SCAT 6.8 H-beam
Pistons are forged venolia with 15 cc dish (scj valve reliefs)

this assy is internally balanced, the crank took 3 slugs of mallory.

if someone wants the whole assy i would like $1250

individual prices are as follows, although it would be nice to sell the pistons,rods together (i hate spiro-locks)

Crank $300
Rods $350
Pistons 4.44 size $600

All prices are OBO, w/o shipping or paypal fee if applicable and would be shipping from nw florida, if you are close enough i can meet also and save the whole shipping thing

call or text with ?'s

1 - 4 of 4 Posts