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Hey guys new to forums and building my first project car. 01' Mustang with a 557ci stroker power transplant. My block is out of a '94 F250 my aunt and uncle had sitting in a field for 10 years. Engine was in great shape considering it only had 60k miles when it got parked and was in great shape( they just had a diesel to do what they needed so it was forgotten and I figured better not let it waste). I have had the machine work done and rotating assembly ordered Eagle Specialties 557 kit from SummitRacing. I hope to order the P51 heads next week...
Which leads me to my questions.

1) What cam is best for this application?

2) What should I look for in an intake?

I'm not looking to get insane horsepower my goal is 6-700hp with over 700ftlb torque, im shooting for around the 10sec mark. I think my goal is quite reasonable with my budget and any other tips anyone has im all ears (especially on fitting this beast under the hood...all my researching has led me to k-bar has to come out but lost after that :/)
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