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56 f100 460/c6

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I am doing a 56 f100 build using the existing frame with a volare front end any body have any thoughts as to what the pitfalls are and how to over come them
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Depends on what you mean by pitfalls. Are you going with a 460 motor for it?? Consider the weight of the 460 on the Volare small block torsion bars...you may need to upgrade to big block (stronger) torsion bars for this application.

Also, custom mounts and oil pan are most likely a must for this swap, as are custom headers.

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I know someone that used a nova/camaro sub-frame and didn't have too much trouble.I agree that the tosion bars may be an issue.If you do go that route (volare) make sure to check the sub-frame thoroughly (they like to rust-out).HTH
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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