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588 BBF

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588 ci bbf , FMS A heads, Comp cam(Lem), A460 Block (used) has brand new roller cam bearings, diamond pistons (new) Bill Miller Alum Rods(15passes) Scat 4340 crankshaft(new) billet timing chain, romac balancer, EX514 intake matched to the heads. moroso oil pan, brand new stock timing cover. comp lifters(used) Engine is set up for nitrous. all you need is pushrods, and carb. also have 2 1/4 headers , msd distributor trick flow valve covers(Engine is together) have front motor plate also for this..

testing the waters if anyone is interested. everything i have can go with this BBF set up.. no trades



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12.5 CR never ran HP should be 925 plus

Motor plate for a fox body and headers
headers and motor plate are they for a fox body?
might trade for a nice small block and cash
is the price getting any better, or is 12 your final answer ?::cool:
is the price getting any better, or is 12 your final answer ?::cool:
maybe if i had a serious offer... thanks
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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