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63 galaxie c6 speedo cable

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I've got a 63 galaxie with a 460 and c6. The speedo cable is broken.

What cable should I get? An original Galaxie speedo cable or a cable from a C6?

will a C6 cable fit into my stock speedo instruments?

The speedo has never been accurate and I do not know which cable is in there at the moment. The original trans was a cruise-o-matic.

thanx, chris.
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I would think a factory cable with the proper bullet on the end should work for you. When I but the 521 and C6 in my 67 Fairlane ( original 289 C4 car) the speedometer cable works just fine outside of being off, I need to get the proper Bullet for the end.
Good luck
ok, thanks a lot.

I'll give the original cable a try.

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