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64 Fairlane

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Just got it, all original 3 on the tree and a 6. I`m putting a 390 FE in it and need a Muncie 10 box. I want to make a gasser with a straight front axle. I`m not moving the rear forward or the front forward. Just want to raise the back and really raise the front. Any one with info on the front end, gear box or what I gotta cut from the towers for the FE to fit would be a huge help. Thanks, James
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Speedway Motors sells complete axle and brake kits and steering components. My buddy has built 2 gassers using their stuff, nice parts and decent prices.
Yeah, I saw there site already. I`m not moving axle locations, so it wont be a "true" gasser but I am going straight front axle to get everything up in the air. I`ll run a tank on the front for a coolant "puke" tank. No backhalf. But I have to run at least dual quads hopefully I can find a used six pack setup. Wber or Hilborn stacks are just too expensive now that they have made a come back. Glad to see stuff sticking through the hood is back in style. With the ecu and injector era upon us there just isn`t any show in cars anymore.
What I thought was a 390 is actually a 360 3.5" stroke. Looks like I`m buying a Scat kit and going as big as I can. Bore is fresh and I hear horror stories of uncertainties with block castings. Not sonic honing so have to go with what Scat makes off the shelf.
429/460 would be better choice!!
Doug Herbert was advertising 390 crate motors awhile back.Edelbrock heads,comp rollers,shafts and mounts,forged pistons etc.450+hp IIRC.Around $6500.Hard to build one for that price.Love the old gasser look.Good luck on your build.
Thanks for the info. I`m going Scat since I have a distributor I deal with. Balanced rotating assembly near 800 bucks any piston I want. Head, I have 2 sets. Low rise dual quad Edelbrock intake, got a friend with a top loader he`s selling me. Gonna paint and body first, then "old school" rims or Torq Thrust D`s wrapped in pie crust!
429/460 would be better choice!!
I have a 554 but a gasser needs iron! Plus, you can`t beet the sound of a built FE. The sound alone throats power. The brain will be a big ol` mechanical roller. If you ever heard even a semi built FE you`d know what I meen. :D
i know what you mean. my old 425hp 390 sounded downright purdy.
I ran FEs from 1960 to 1965.I learned my lessons. I'll NEVER even work on another FE.
If the FE is a low comp motor (around 8:1 I think), then I would assume running a turbo on a 360 would really wake it up. Does anyone have experience with a forced induction 360 FE?
FE engines came with a handfull of different C/R. and there is a chance your 3.5 stroke could be a 352. when it comes to putting a turbo on one it would have to be all custom made along with building the engine to handle the boost. and personally i think a turbo FE would be bad a**.:cool:
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