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I have a 1965 Fastback Mustang with a complete 2" x 3" Tube Chassis. This Mustang has a Fiberglass Front End, Fiberglass Doors, Deck Lid, Front Bumper, Hood, and Fiberglass Top. All the Fiberglass Body Panels came from Holman Moody in Charlotte NC about 1970/71.

All the Fiberglass Body Panels were made to be used in a New Class of Factory Backed Drag Race Cars.

The Cars Ford and Holman Moody built were for the New Factory Experimental Drag Race Series Mustangs know today as AFX and BFX Class Cars. There were also some Fairlanes and Mercury Cyclones too I believe.

Some of those cars are well known. Cars like Gas Rhonda, Daddy Warbucks, The Quarter Horse and others.

You can Google AFX Mustangs and see many of the Race Cars that were built.

The Doors were made to accept factory window regulators, door locks, and handles. I also have a Plexi Glass Windshield and door windows too.

This car weighs about 1,200 pounds without engine & trans. It has a 10 point roll cage, a narrowed 9 inch with 33 spline axles. The front suspension is modified Toyota Struts with Koni Springs & Adjusters with a Manual Rack & Pinion. The Rear Suspension is Ladder Bars with Adjustable Coil Over Shocks. It needs wiring and it needs a Dash Panel for Guages.

There is a Steering Column and Pedals and the Brake Lines have been run but not connected. I have test fitted a Boss 429 Hemi Engine in the car and a 351 Cleveland and I have a Motor Plate that fits the car for a 351 Cleveland.

There is some work left to do to Personalize the Car for yourself but there has been a lot of work already completed. If you have priced a good body lately and have checked to see what it cost just to have a car Back Halved you can see the value in this Full Frame Car.

This car still has the Door Pillar Post and you can install Original Metal Doors if you like. I even have the Original Drivers door with the Vin Number Data Plate and I have the original Title. You could make it an Awesome Street Car.

It is just at the point now where you can make it your own. Thanks for taking a look at my Fastback. Please call or email with any questions

I may consider a Partial Trade for 1971 to 1973 Mach 1 Mustangs, Cruiser type Motorcycles,,like 850cc to 1250cc Hondas, Harleys, Yamahas, Suzukies, Kawasaki, Triumphs. I may also be interested in a nice 1970 to 71 Torino or 1970 to 71 Mercury Cyclone.. and a nice set of Big Block Ford Alum Heads like Edelbrock Victor Heads or Blue Thunder Heads or SCJ Ford Racing Heads with CJ Exh pattern. I don't really have the right intake or pistons for A 460 or C 460 type heads.

Price is, $12,500.00

Please call, 704-516-8033 or 704-867-7566 thanks, Mike.


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