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1997 Ford F-250 XLT Heavy Duty 7.5L 4X4
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I need help with some problems with the build idea I'm tooling around with. I've got a 97 F250 with the stock speed density computer system. before I go spending time and money with mods to make the engine flow more air/fuel I need to know what to do with the EFI system so it will keep up with the increased airflow without just leaning it out. in a nutshell I need to know how to make power with a speed density system or how to swap over to a MAF system. All while keeping the electronically controlled E4OD working. the engine mods I would like to do are simple

Port the F3TE heads and stock EFI intake
Exhaust headers (no long tubes this is a 4x4 truck)
Mild camshaft
Maybe larger injectors if needed

While I've found some posts about this most are 10+ years with dead links and conflicting opinions. imo I dont know why this is so hard to find info, you'd think this kind of mild for fun build would be fairly common but idk. I need to get this truck moving down the road faster, I cant keep paying for a 10mpg no power engine.

Any info at all is greatly appreciated. I can tell from looking around here there is a wealth of knowledge in your guys' heads about these engines.

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Pimpxshift. About $1600 all in with a single wideband o2 sensor. But fully controllable by you. Every aspect. Engine and trans. Uses the factory harness.

And if you want more you can add a few items and make it sequential efi, and individual coils as well. That gets pretty pricey though.

I'm buying mine in a few days. I'm on the same page as you. I tow a 28 ft 5th wheel, the stock 460 just isn't up to it. Next winter I'll be rebuilding the engine.

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The OEM injectors and pumps are good with an AFPR to about near 400 hp as read on a STP engine dyno.

We've been building and posting about EFI working engines on this forum for almost a decade. Some builds are nearing 85K miles at last conversation.
Our specific parts combination which typically dyno's at 400 hp + or - and 520 ish Tq @ 3200 rpm works quite well with the OEM electronics at about 46 to 48 PSI.

26# accel injectors
Quantum fuel systems 255 lph pumps for na and 340 for boost applications gives you some room for increasing power or a larger 502" engine.

The above assumes headers, free flowing exhaust and a low restriction air cleaner element.

Here is a link to a very recent build we did for a client in Louisiana. We did another dyno'd with E7TE heads 2 days prior with almost identical results:

Feel free to utilize the link as a guide.

The OEM will trim closed loop fuel by up to 15 / 17% as needed with increased fuel pressure with out leaning open loop WOT. The key is to get the WOT A/F ratios from the 14+ to 1 range down to nearer 13 to 1.

A stand alone or tweecer tuned ECM will allow fine tuning yes and is necessary if the above parameters are exceeded.

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