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Hello All.

I posted this on the Torino Cobra forum also.

This is another installment of garage cleaning and project consolidation.

I had been saving this for a future project that has not worked out so here it is. Maybe one of you guys have a need for it.

I believe this was removed from a 1970 Cyclone. This is based on what the previous owner told me, and me decoding the partial VIN stamped on the block.

The block is a standard bore DOVE-A casting, with a date code of 9M1, and a partial VIN of 0H572802. It does have the thick main webs.

From that I get...

Cast on
9 = 1969
M = December
1 = 1

0 = 1970
H = Lorian
5 = Mercury
72802 = Individual unit number from that plant

The D0OE-R heads are date coded 9J30, and 9K7; September 30, and October 7 respectively.

The heads have just returned from the machine shop where they were thermally cleaned, and magged. There are no cracks, they have never been ported and the valve seats are all good. The guides should be replaced as they have been knurled previously. I will provide the invoice from the machine shop for this work with the parts.

The D0OE-A rods have been magged, had the beams polished, and new bolts installed before there last use.

The crank is a standard/standard 4U crank that is very nice, could absolutely stay standard if needed.

D0OE Balancer.

The valve covers have been sitting on a shelf and need to be cleaned, but they are very nice. No repairs, or cracks and the drippers are there with the hardware also.

Also pictured are the spring cups, guide plates, and 15 NOS Ford rocker studs. Not pictured but included are head bolts, cam bolt, cam retaining plate, fuel pump eccentric, and the oil slinger for the crank.

Not included are a timing case cover or crank spacer.

Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you are interested. I want $1500.00 for everything mentioned, shipping will require an additional $100.00 to build a pallet, box up the small items, strap, shrink wrap, and deliver to the anex.

Thanks, Mike Howard.


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Hello Tim.

I did get your email today.

Sorry, the engine sold locally a couple weeks ago, and I did not update this posting.

I do have one set of D0OE-R castings that are left for sale.

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