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70 Cyclone

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I am building Cyclone GT, it has original 351c+FMX.

I have bought 429 engine what im going to change 460
My combination is goint to be like this
D0VE headed 460 with 276/284adv Lunati cam
C6 with shiftkit and about 2400-2800 stall converter
9" rear with 3.5:1 gears and Lock right lock

Im building the car and engine for small budget, but it still takes time to get all parts...im doing now the suspension and steering system to car, its going to be almost original just a lower and little bit stiffer i hope.

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Awesome! I have a 70 Montego (formerly Monte1go of HotRod) with a 429 that I hope to build a nice BBF for one day.

Two things about suspension

1. Do the shelby/arning Drop.


Or If you have an extra 600 bucks, get the global west upper arms for the 1.75" drop. This is one of the biggest things you can do to correct geometry issues and increase the handling of the car significantly.

2. Don't Be afraid of high spring rates!

I have 750 lb/in. springs in my car with 1 1/8" front bar and it does not ride poorly, just firm and controlled.

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SWEET! :cool:

I hope you guys are members over at torinocobra.....

I have been there since i bought cyclone, its a great forum for torino cyclone owner.
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