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70 Lincoln 460 Alternator

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I am rebuilding a Classic Roadster Shelby Cobra AC kit car from the mid 90's. The car was only ran for 75 miles then damaged and stored away. I am going through it from bumper to bumper. It has a built up 460 that the block came out of a 70 Lincoln. The alternator is shot and I noticed it was a old style with the regulator on the fire wall. Should I replace it with the same or is there a better one that is a direct bolt up and has an internal regulator that is a simpler install? I appreciate any info.
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I would use an updated alternator that puts out at least 100 amps. Far more than the original you have now. I would guess you will run dual electric fans and perhaps and electric fuel pump that will need some power.

Just google "Ford one alternator". Lot's of choices for a nice 100-135 amp 1-wire unit that will bolt up in the original brackets.
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