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A little background
I also have a 65 mustang that I’ve been working on for the past two years and I restore old farm tractors
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Tractor

I’m also apart of the tractor club in my area and my grandfathers friend owned the truck before me and practically owned it since new and documented everything on the truck and the truck basically started the tractor club. Well I saw the truck 2 years ago and fell in love with the paint and knew I had to had it. The original owner originally bought the truck to haul sheep from out of the mountains and then 2 Years later sold to to my grandfathers friend. He and his father used it to haul a fuel tank for their combines and in 1989 the engine got replaced with a 460 out of a 76 Lincoln. Then that engine got tired in 1993 and they rebuilt it with 93 pistons. Then it ran all the way till 2009 when it started to have low vacuum and down on power and she was parked until I bought it in march
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