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to continue on from my others post of my racetrack horrible experiences with my suspension and traction issues here it goes:

since then, i've added traction bars and working on getting the perfect 1/4 snuffer to spring clearance. i put in all new doetsch tech drag shocks that are adjustable. i currently set them up to 40/60 rear and 80/20 fronts. it looks like most people are running 90/10 upfront but in some other forums they are saying in a big block motor you should try a 80/20. is this ok to try this or should i go try the 90/10 instead? in most other forums it looks like people are using a 50/50 setting for the rears and then people are saying to use the 40/60 setting. am i ok to run this setting or am i better off running a 90/10 40/60 set up?

for the front springs, i had very thick coiled front lowering springs that didn't compress almost for anything. i got some springs that are listed for a 67-70 mustang with big blocks/71-73 mustang with all motors. it was listed as a 200lbs and a 2000lbs load. i assumed it was mainly for a 351c car and the added weight of my 466 it would sag down some. i cut less than 1/4 coil and when i put the car down and started driving the car is sitting the same exact say it did with the lowering springs. the front is definitely more bouncier but still very tolerable. i checked to see my suspension travel and i jacked the car up by the front cross member and i am jacking up the car at minimum of 5.75 inches before the wheel even lifting anywhere off the car.

i also sent off my wheels to eric vaughn in monrovia california to widen my 17x9 wheels to 17x11 (big cobra brakes are killing me with the minimum wheel size but the braking is worth it). i plan on using a 325-45-17 drag radial thats 28 inches tall but i don't know if it'll work without running a spacer. right now a 275/40/17 (street tire) tire on the 11 wide wheel with a 7BS is not rubbing at all. i'm assuming with the 315/35/17 tires that are the same height won't rub at all either but my wife's 20x10 with a 7.2BS and a 27 tall tire did rub. i think they might rub being in that far with the BS if the tire is taller than a 26.5. i think it could work with a 1/2 spacer thought but i don't know how safe it is to run a spacer on a car with drag radials going down the track. but yet again, i got a 3.89 gear and a short tire with only a 6000rpm redline limit. but i'm going to go out and give this another shot with the set up.

i got to make up my mind with the drag radials because whatever i got will stay on the car. i'm currently just planning on just burning up the street tires for now. then having my friend who works at americas tire to hook me up with some nitto 555r's if i go that route.

since then also, i've hooked up a brake line lock for the tire warm up staging area. its kinda hard to trans brake with a manual car and you got big disc brakes in the rear. its all wired up and just got to plumb the new line for this.

i also installed a shift light with a digital tach on it. it seems as if i got my factory tach working better with the ford duraspark ignition but i got the shift light digital reading for a back up.

any input would be greatly appreciated guy. i plan on maybe going back out the friday before fourth of july.
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