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74' Torino

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Figured this would be the best place as any to ask this question. While walking around a friends junk yard the other day I found somthing I had never seen before due to all the leaves being on the trees in the summer. Its a 2 door 74' Gran Torino Sport. Wondering if it's even worth asking about getting. From what I could tell it's a Q code auto car, and still has the mag wheels. Someone got the motor and tranny, but still has the rear end. All I can tell body wise is it has 1 dent in the lower fender. Even the interior and dash is all intact and good condition just molded. I have to many projects right now, but I'd really hate to see it sit there and rust away. So is it worth my time?
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shame its not here around me,in new jersey. my wife misses the 75 starsky&hutch car she had.
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