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74' Torino

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Figured this would be the best place as any to ask this question. While walking around a friends junk yard the other day I found somthing I had never seen before due to all the leaves being on the trees in the summer. Its a 2 door 74' Gran Torino Sport. Wondering if it's even worth asking about getting. From what I could tell it's a Q code auto car, and still has the mag wheels. Someone got the motor and tranny, but still has the rear end. All I can tell body wise is it has 1 dent in the lower fender. Even the interior and dash is all intact and good condition just molded. I have to many projects right now, but I'd really hate to see it sit there and rust away. So is it worth my time?
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cool car

I had a lot of fun in a 73 torina sport that I bought from a friend for $95. It had a 2V 351C and FMX. It was pretty rusty in the rear quarters and muffler was rusted off. After an hour with a putty knife chiselling off what was left of the vinyl top and another hour painting it with farm implement paint (with a paint brush) it was quite a mean black machine. It was fun just to smoke up the tires and do stupid stunts with. I bought it my junior year of high school and I've always liked clevelands since then. Granted, I'm only 25 so it wasn't that long ago. I don't know what these cars are worth, but I remember it being rather fun. Mine had a trac lock posi with 2.75 gears in the factory 9" rear - 28 spline. The car is still sitting in one of my rows of junkers and every now and then I'm tempted to bring it back from the dead. If you need some small hard to find part, if you do buy the car, let me know as I may have it. I don't know what parts are the same from 73 to 74.
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