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750HP Take a ride -1979 F150 4x4 - In cab view

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~750HP (somewhere around this HP. It dyno'd 697HP on a known conservative dyno when compared to EMC and with several issues that have since been corrected.)
0-60Mph ~3.6 seconds
Ran 7.60 90Mph 1/8 mile. 1.72 60ft
77F 10Mph headwind, off idle launch.
(spun all 4 35x12.5 mud tires trying to get into it harder on the next run.)
Should run 12.1s to 11.9s in the quarter mile and even better when i get sticker tires or maybe slicks and 2wd.

No nitrous used, jetted for 250hp so maybe next time.

Watch my hand on the steering wheel. Raced in 4x4 and Torque steer made it Scary to drive.

4:11 gears race axles, Spool in the rear, auburn gear driven posi front. C6 by Broader performance, 3500 stall.
Cage and all the other safety stuff good enough for 10.00 quarter.


link to the motor post


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sweet! i bet you got a lot of looks pulling up on the strip in a 4wd!:D
Very cool, how do know 750 H.P. Has it been dynoed? Randy.
Click on the second link and you get the full motor details and a video of his dyno pulls.

Click on the second link and you get the full motor details and a video of his dyno pulls.
Ok, but 697 is not 750. Randy.
Ok, but 697 is not 750. Randy.
Agreed, but that's a street motor I would like between my fenderwells :D
Crowd Really liked it. Seems like a lot of people have had an old Ford truck at one time or another. The people running the racing wanted me to keep racing.

On Wednesday's at Portland international raceway they have a car show cruise in going at the same time with all kinds of cool rigs and bikes and live music.

Parked after 4 runs and had some food and entertainment.

Drove Truck to work in the morning to race track then happy hour and home. 60 miles.

Time for some suspension work. I found the front driver side tire had cut up the inner plastic fender while racing. Watched a video taken from the outside and the front driver tire was 'bobbing' up and down for part of the run. I have a 4" inch lift and must have some loose bushings???

750HP vrs 697HP issue.
Not here to argue dyno's and numbers.
Original post with the symbol "~" before 750HP means I think I am somewhere in the area of 750HP.
My opinion only, Based on:
1. 6% conservative dyno when compared to same motor's (dyno'd by Scott Johnson RHP aka mad porter) at his dyno and then engine masters.
2. Stud girdles were on wrong which Really tweaked the valves out of spec by up to 8 degrees on the wheel for several cylinders.
3. Major port blockage in the headers since fixed & ceramic coated.
4. Similar builds
5. HP from 1/8 mile calculators and the drag simulation program.
Also polished the exhaust ports. (no shown gains on the P51 heads n/a but who knows when the bottle turns on? figured it couldn't hurt)
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A sweet build indeed. Any pics or links to pics of your cage and how you tied it into the frame? Thanks.
Thanks for clarifying the horsepower issue. I also am running a 557 pump gas motor that I didn't have dynoed so I'm kinda comparing notes. Mine is in a 1975 f100 long bed 2 wheel drive. I don't have as big a cam and I'm running trickflow street heads. I'm sure my truck is a little lighter than yours. I think with drag radials or slicks and running in 2 wd you're going to be very pleased with the E.T. Keep up the good work, Randy.
I should bolt some slicks on!!!
somewhere around 5100 lbs race weight.
38 gallons of gas in the tank. I think it's time for a race cell; if I wreck with that it'll be a real BBQ./

2wd would be much easier to drive and a lot less drag with 1 less driveline and 2 less axles and the transfer case out of the equation. Front to rear ratios don't quite match up either in 4wd so the tires have to slip to 'catch up.' Bit of difference in tire height with more weight on the front end always binds and gets stuck in 4wd.

The cage install was a chore, try the link below for some pics and let me know if it doesn't work.
Cage main tubes from JEGs online. It is good for the NHRA but not dessert off road racing. Used 2x3 .134" wall frame outriggers to secure to the frame. Never realized how narrow the 79 F150 frame was until the cage install......
Narrowed the factory seat 1.5 inches to fit the cage and even kept the speakers behind the seat!
Added many gussets's and some grab bars plus a dash bar for extra support.
If I ever off road race i'll add addtional supporting roll bar to the bed.

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Man you have a cool truck. Do you have larger axles in the rear ? That 557 will easily brake 31 splines with slicks or drag radials running in 2wd. Take my advice on that, my truck only weighs 4340 with me in it and I can't floor it off the line in 1st without breaking axles. You can check mine out on youtube, do a search for 557 and see Randy's truck at Mason Dixon dragway. Randy.
Curious if you've thought about taking it down to Woodburn, OR for the thundertruck drags in August. I would love to see you show the diesel boys whats up
Randy watched your truck and it really moves out!! Nice and straight launch too.

For the rear I have 35 spline Dutchman race axles, a full race spool and nodular third member. 1350 billet yoke and L&L ladder bars.

Hope to make Woodburn this year. Watched last year and there weren't any 'fast' lifted 4x4's.
I'll take the bottle out so there won't be any guessing if I'm using nitrous.
If conversation with diesel racers comes up I can mention i'm down 2 turbos and a $7000 transmission.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm planning to eventually cage it and go with 35 spline axles, but with a detroit locker and also ladder bars. Then I should be able to hammer it out of the whole. Hopefull to one day have a 10 second time slip, so far best of 11.14, Randy.
Nice Truck

Really, really nice truck.. Couple newbee questions: how did you modify the rear glass after installing the role cage? What shifter do you use (how does it clear the 4x4 shifter)?
BTW I'm guessing 17-20 mpg with the A/C on ;).. Looks really good..
you have put in some hard work on your truck. well done!

in your drag strip video, it sounds like your engine idles like a little kitty. great for the surprise factor on the streets. where is the idle rpm set in drive?

you will really be surprised how less than wide the frame rails are when you do the ladder bar install.

cheers, claude
Is the front Dana 44 all stock? I'm amazed it held together on a 4wd pass with all that torque off the line. The link worked for the cage, Thanks!

Playhard557, do you drive your truck on the road at all? Was curious how the spool worked out if you did. Did you keep the same u-bolt axle attachment for your L&L's? Don't worry about the front axle and transfer case, remember Pat's red Bronco? Still had the huge front aftermarket bumper and could pull the wheels :D

I pulled my stock 31 spline axles to take a look and was shocked how twisted the splines were. Now I'm kicking myself I didn't sell my locker and go with 35 spline instead of the 31 spline aftermarket.

If looking at shifters I have a B&M Megashifter that wasn't bad to work with but is getting swapped with a kwik Shifter I as soon as it arrives. The only down side to the Kwik is it doesn't have a reverse light switch but if you don't have a trans brake you can use that micro switch.
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PLAY, What a great video:D....Makes me want to get a rearend, a stall and tires and beat on my panel truck at the drags...I'm only looking at ~500 hp & tq, but it would still be pretty fun I bet....I'm building it for a street cruiser/road tripper, but I LOVE seeing big trucks run fast! Post more videos!
One cool truck!
Thanks for the comments. Good to hear the cage link worked.

Someday if i ever get time, i will do a build-up post.

The rear glass I swapped with a piece of lexan. Used the orginal frame and glass to outline and using same thickness lexan. Went in real easy with the factory molding. Not any real weight savings maybe a few pounds.

Front end Dana 44 yukon 4340 axles, solid joints, gear driven posi, gold hubs. My second launch no power braking and quickly flooring it lit up all 4 tires to the point the front end was violently hopping up and down. Felt like loose sand. Quickly Backed all the way. I've heard the pinion is the weak point, maybe the hubs and the factory 1310 ujoints. ( i have loops front and rear)

Shifter is Hurst promatic with linkage mounted upside down and has been a bear to get adjusted. thanks for kwik shifter info.

Idle about 1000rpm and truck has about 100lbs of dynomat sound deadener in the the cab and is MUCH louder outside. Drives decent on the street with the spool but scares a lot of people when it squeals the tires just turning!!

L&L ladder bars are still installed per L&L instruction.

The role cage really stiffens up the old ford.

Took my 10 month old baby boy for his first ride last week. 20 miles round trip. He loved sitting up front, grabbing for the shifter and would look at me confused when I goosed it. Actually fell asleep on the way home.
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