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79 bronco value

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i just came across a 79 bronco that i might be able to buy for under $500.oo has a 460 with c6 some body damage due to a careless tow truck driver im trying to justify the 500 mile trip to go get it if ibuy it is it worth it :)
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i asked my dad about borrowing the tow dolly to go buy a truck for 300.00 and if he thought it wasa worth the long trip. he asked me this. how much gas would it take to get there. i said about 200.00. he said if the truck was stting here would you give 500.00 for it. i said no probably not. but i was dumb enough that i still wanted to go get the truck even though it wasnt worth it. i did not go get the truck.
Depending on the over all condition of the truck, it could easily be worth it.

IF it runs and drives great, just a little body damage, I'd say it's worth it.

I'm working on putting a 460 into my 79 Bronco, and I don't even want to say what I have in it....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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