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Hi everyone,

I just bought a 1986 F-250 extended cab, 2wd. Has a 460, C6, Sterling 10.25 open diff with 3.55 gears. Solid Texas truck. It backfired and then sucked a butterfly in and bent a valve (prior to purchase).

I’ve got three stages planned:
1) pull motor and replace heads, install RV cam, aluminum intake, Holley 4 barrel, headers. Hope to just get her running and a little warmer.
2) single turbo with blow through carb. I have a cheap option on a turbo that is probably a little small (75mm compressor). I’d love 500+/650+ for hp/tq.
3) Lower with bags in the rear and crown Vic front end.

I’m hoping to have a low “freight train” kind of rig with major torque and acceleration that may not be fast, but is inevitable.

Anyone done anything similar? Advice for turbo? I know there are possible issues with doing it on a stock bottom end but I’ll keep it mild. At this point it’s waaay cheaper for me to do turbo than stroke and NA build.

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