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88-96 460 accessory bracketry

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Does anyone have that bracket to sell me, maybe with the tensioner? It usually contains the power steering pump and the A/C compressor or idler.

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saw one u r talking about on ebay under ford power steering brackets
I think i have one at the shop, let me check tomorrow
Wanted to follow this up. I did get an offer for one from a junkyard that listed a core engine for around $30, but not before I went to a u-pull it place and happened to find one that I spent two hours and $50 on (couldn't take the power steering pump out, on their lot, so they charged me for that too).

Ultimately, it sat too low to mount it in the Crown Vic. The power steering pump interfered with the gearbox on that car. I ended up using a sawzall to cut just the two headbolts and the tensioner mounting out of it. I will post up some pics of the final product, soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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