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'88 Mustang LX 5.0

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Putting this up for a buddy of mine.

It's an '88 LX 5.0, 5-speed, red with gray interior. I recently replaced the head gaskets, (and all other gaskets from the heads up). Installed some Ford Racing wires, MSD coil, full length headers, H-pipe, Flowmaster 40's with axle dumps. I think there is more but that's all I can remember at the moment.

The metal heater line where rusted out so we just got rid of them and blocked the heater stuff off. Also deleted the EGR as the headers didn't have provisions and he needed it done as cheap/quick as possible. The car does run and drive just fine but the freeze plugs need replaced. You can see a BB sized hole in a passenger side freeze plug pouring water. Two others did the same thing but in an attempt to get it home, we used some two part epoxy to seal the hols. Every time we sealed one another one sprung a leak though. The car had been sitting for a few odd years before he got it.

He is wanting like $1500 for everything or $500 without the headers/exhaust and transmission. I can get pictures if someone is seriously interested. The car does NOT have a title so I guess it would be a drag car project or something. The guy he bought it from gave him a bill of sale and was suppose to get a duplicate title but is now in prison so...
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Can you give address and phone number? Got any pictures or more information on the condition of body and interior?
Michael Hagan
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Sorry, it is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The interior is in really good shape. Exterior is kind of hard to say because it has had a somewhat recent paint job. Looks to be a pretty solid car though, it does have a sunroof as well. I will try to get some pictures up as soon as I can.
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