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1990 LX orginal 4 cylinder southern car.

NO rot, No rust except on spot about 4"x2" on the passanger floor.


90lx hatch 8x,xxx miles
Power windows and locks (locks not functional needs dash harness)
Was red in color needs paint (I have paint and hardner to go with sonic blue flake)
2x3 thru the floor subframes
8 point ms bar (actually has 10 contact points)
New to date 5 point harness for driver only
Kirkley econo drag seats
Mini tubbed notched frame rails
Team Z oil over kit in the rear
Single adjustable QA1's
Single adjustable tubular lowers
Double adjustable uppers
TQ re-enforcment kit upper and lowers
Tin floor in hatch With flush mounted 10 gallon fuel cell
Tubualr lower front control arms
Strange 10 way adjustable front coil over struts
Caster camber plates
Power rack with no pump (lines capped at rack)
Smoothed engine bay no whippers, hood hindges or holes. very clean still in primer.


466 BBF
Stock crank and rods with arp bolts internal zero balance
TRW fordged -23cc piston
C8VE Heads, stainless SCJ valves, Comp Springs, Titanium retainers and hardened locks. Milled to 66cc chamber, egr humps removed from exhuast no port work.
ARP head studs
New Comp Solid flat .589-.615 256-267
New Comp lifters
Smith brothers push rods
Comp Gold series rockers 1.73
Port O Sonic intake (offenhouser)
No carb (car was ran with a AED 750 WAY under carbed two tenths in a carb and intake change or more guarented)
D&D headers 2" primarys 3.5" collectors
X-pipe 3.5" to 3" slip reducers to 3" x

C6 Trans stock VB with work will shift manual or automaticly
TCI 4000 stall
B&M Quicksilver shifter mounted in ashtray door location.

Dana 40 Rear 9" ends
30 spline axles
Spicer Gear 3.73
Welded tubes, straightened, and cleaned All work done by DTS (Iona)

74' Truck large Drum brakes in the rear
V8 brakes and spindles up front.
Manual brake cylinder from 86 turbo coupe (new)
Compustar rear proportioning valve
New brake lines

centerline wheels
skinnys upfront
29x10.5 in the rear with tubes and screws form McCormic

Fuel System:

10 Gallon Jaz cell flush mounted with foam
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel pump and Aeromotive pre-filter
Aeromotive 13202 regualtor (engine)
Aeromotive 13201 regulator (nitrous)
-10 feed line
-8 return line
NOS big shot plate w/cheater solenoids (no bottle)


Set of complete ready to run D3VE heads
Set of bare D2Ve heads
Mild hydralic Flat camshaft used

Also Have a ton a misc. stuff laying around that will go with.

I have Times slips and videos or just about every run it has made with this combo.

There is very lil shake down time on it and needs finishing/tunning.

I will show slips and videos to buyer along with recipts that I can find.

The Last time out the car didn't not run very well due to my stupidness. The flow guage I was using to set nitrous pressure was off by 2 psi. I was setting fuel pressure at 5.5 psi flowing and it was actually 7.8 flowing making the car extremely fat. I was afraid to go by my better judgment and lower the fuel pressure by reading the plugs only and not refering to the guage.

I later had the guage checked and found it to be off. On a 150 ish hit (53/53) squared it ran 10.14 best @133 breaking up bad from the 800 foot on because it was so rich.

I will think the car to run 9.40's all day long on a good tune up with a carb and intake change. If you have the heads ported and cleaned up car could

Best pas on the motor was 11.11 I only made two motor passes didn't spend any time tunning the car on the motor. Car should run 10.70's or so once sorted out on the motor as it sits with carb and intake change or better. With the heads ported I would say 10.40's is possible.

car 60's extremely hard and violently. low 1.40's all day on the bottle leaving like **** (needs a anti-roll bar) I STORNGLY suggest before even racing it again that one be put on unless you are a very capable driver that car is a handfull to get out the hole how it sits.

I reall DO not want to sell this at all but I might have to so improvments can be made else where in my life.

Link to videos,





link to pictures http://motownmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88994

6000 cash come get it

or Trade DD + cash running

or trade DD for roller

or Trade Quad for roller

or Trade Quad + cash running

I want it gone I need room to get start on the other one

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i was there

i was there for the no e.t nationals. i believe i even have you on my camcorder. car needs anti roll bar. it sure shoots out of the hole does'nt it!!!!

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pics would help!

interested in a 02 super duty?( even trade)
If you follow the link posted in the add to MotownMuscle there are tons of pictures. I have a 02 Powerstroke 250 already haha or I prob would of.

daily driver?
yes.. My lil sis needs a car so I'd take a trade and cash for something decent an reliable for her.

i was there for the no e.t nationals. i believe i even have you on my camcorder. car needs anti roll bar. it sure shoots out of the hole does'nt it!!!!
Yeah it needs one bad I think there's easily a tenth in just that 60's and the 330' should get alot lot better.

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ok well if you change your mind let me know!

i someone asked what DD meant!

p.s. mines a reg cab 5.4 gas truck
I trying to find a Daily driver for my sis so if you had a car or something decent on gas I'd consider trade but she really doesn't need or truck would be impractical.

I'll keep it in mind if something changes thanks !!!


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Wow, I sure wish I could grab this one.:(

You sure have put a pile of work into this car, it looks great:)

Good luck,
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