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Big Mike, I'm going to ask a few things from you:
  • Please combine all your parts into one big thread (instead of the 8 seperate listings you just did) so that you do not take up the majority of Page 1 of the Auction Block with your multiple listings, because it bumps half the other members' listings out of sight, is an efficient use of our space, and, frankly, is non-courteous to the other members gettign pushed down the line.
  • Whenever possible, please refrain from offering absolute non-460 related items in the Auction Block of the forum, such as the Kawasaki motorcycle parts which are better targeted for sale on a sport bike forum. Personally, I don't mind if you toss that ignition in with the rest of your 460 engine parts in one big listing....just don't make a regular occurrence of stuff like that. Non-460 items which may used with 460's and therefore may be posted here include items such as cars, a Lenco transmission, Micky Thompson slicks, etc.
  • If by chance you do not read this post and make the requested adjustments within 8 hours, I will go ahead and combine your mutiple items into one thread on your behalf (and in the interest of the Forum).
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