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A/C and Solid Lifters

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I've always assumed that the two don't mixed primarily based on what the OEMs did back in the day with the 289 271hp and the 375hp 396, but thought I’d ask if this can be done with a 550-600 hp/trq 460 stroker? I have no problem running a flat hydraulic cam, especially since I'm not going for a 700+ application. It's more a curiosity thing as well a factor in the cam choice.

If the transmission that will be used is a factor...it will be a manual.

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What would one have to do with the other? The people who bought the higher horse-power cars didn't give three shats about a/c. It was a luxury, not a necessity.
As long as the AC pump is not turning too high in rpms, I don't see a problem.
I don't think the old compressors (york ??) could handle the rpm's. The modern Sanden deal can spin higher.
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