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A few ?s Plugs carb ect...

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Ok here is my setup... 557 15:1 cr, Msd 7AL2, HVC2 coil, Pro billet dist, 1150 dominator, victor 460 intake, 2" super sucker spacer, c9 heads fully ported, 2 1/8" primary tube 4" collector shonefeld headers, 116 oxygenated fuel, 38 degree timing. anyway was just curious on what everyone was running for plugs I am currently running Autolight racing 124 plug.... Should I be running a colder plug a hotter plug ect... I am having problems getting the carb set this year. I changed fuel system changed from a blaster 2 coil to the HVC2, I changed from 115 oxy (supposed to have been oxy don't know if it was) to the 116 oxy fuel.. You see my problem is the jets I had in it last year were 92 front 94 rear... I am now up to 97 front 99 rear and the plugs are just starting to turn a light brown and the headers look a light gray color. But It seems to be more lazy off the line than it ever has before so it makes me think that it is to fat but it appears to be lean?

Any help would be great!

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