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ok im trying to get rid of some of this stuff that i dont need so here it is, i can get pics of anything if needed. i live in memphis tn. you pay shipping
unilight dizzy worked when i pulled it from my 460 i do not have anything for it, its only the dizzy.$50

one stock 2 groove waterpump pulley nuthing wrong with it. i also have a stock 3 groove crank pulley worked fine when pulled. $10 each or $15 for both

one 17" flex fan max rpm 6500 worked when pulled.$25 i also have a spacer but will have to find it if someone is enterested in that.

i have a chevy one wire alt that i had rebuilt to a high amp but than i shorted it out on the heads while changing the belt and now it will not charge, i do NOT know whats wrong with it and it does NOT work on my truck i say on my truck because i took it to a shop and they put it on the thing to test it and it said it was charging so i dont know. price is $50 as is.

i have a brand new never used 65 or 68 (cant remember) fuel tank with pickup/sending unit $100
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