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ok so i have a aeromotive universal fpr, and it has a vac prt, do i just cap this....what happens if i dont.....

also , i am geting some spitting of fuel out of the carb, and if i shut the fuel pump off it will run for like 2 full minutes! why is the carb loading up with fuel ,,,,,carb is a edel 750

motor is a 466 with stealth intake, pi heads, ect

electric pump, water and fan

running 5 psi of fuel pressure,,,,,,should i lower than down to kill some of the flow?

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It is a very common problem with Eddies you need to adjust the floats. Out of probably 150 Edelbrocks I have only seen one that didn't do that out of the box. Some have just slight dribble into intake after shut down.
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