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While listening to the NHRA Gator Nationals eliminations and qualifying this morning on line, Motel 6's commercial with Tom B. speaking about how neat it was to see front engine dragsters, '63 split window Vettes and '32 chopped window coupes very much had my attention! Now I know guys it's just a commercial directed at we race fans and "gear heads" if you will because of the obvious network, it's neat (as Tom says) to hear an advertisement with content that the people it's addressing can relate to, or instantly start up that olé memory section of the brain!

I know guys, you must be thinking, that guy is losing it! Maybe your correct. When I hear these things mentioned it brings to mind a visit to the NHRA U.S.Nationals one year when the last two Super Stocks entries that ran in NHRA S/S Eliminator round something were, what else, a 1964 Ford "Thunderbolt" owned by Ray Paquet and one of the 1968 Hemi Cudas. As I watched more in amazement of the cars and the era they represent instead of the "competition factor", tears rolled down my cheeks! Denise asked, "what's wrong"? I said, " nothing, the fans don't realize what they just seen"!

Anyone got a hanky?
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