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Hello guys, I have an AEM EMS 30-1400 box, 351W EFI/TFI distributor (Module in the housing) with the gear already removed to facilitate a 460 gear and the AEM dual channel wideband controller. This is all you need to control your EFI 460 (I think). This is my spares and the only reason I'm selling is to get a universal box for my crank trigger and coil on plug.
I may add that the dizzy look great and the EMS was never used since new except to put a tune on, but never actually used. So a 0 miles unit. It has been in indoor storage in an ESD bag to avoid any potential issues.
This would be a great setup to give full control of your EFI 460 or to build a funky EFI build. Forced induction, Nitrous and Meth injection are easy to control with this unit. Has a built in data ogger as well. I have a spare NEW AEM map sensor that I may be willing to throw in for the right price.

Asking $1100 for the Dizzy, Wideband and AEM box. This is an absolute steal. Just check the prices of this stuff online.
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